Vähäkainu-Kujanen T.
Finland, Jyväskylä,  Onervacentre


Инклюзивное образование: практика, исследования, методология: Сб. материалов II Международной
научно-практической конференции / Отв. ред. Алехина
С. В. М.: МГППУ, 2013


Trainer: Ms Tarja Hännikäinen, Master of Special Education, counselling teacher, teacher trainer since 1983. Years of experience in supporting visually impaired students in local schools as part of inclusive education. International experience as an Advisor for Inclusive Education: Supporting the implementation of Special Needs Education Programme Strategy and the establishment of a multi-level support service system for inclusive education since 2006 (e.g. Balkan countries).

Onerva Centre belong to the VALTERI ‒ national service network, which is a combination of state subsidized special schools in Finland. The mission for all state-owned special schools is to act nationwide as support service centers and by this to ensure that pupils with special educational needs can complete their compulsory education in inclusive settings. These state centers also arrange rehabilitation alongside special needs education and administer the development, consultation and support operations related to it.

Onerva Centre offer consulting and support services for municipalities and schools especially when the need for support is related to autism spectrum disorders, language and communication, hearing, vision and also children with complex needs. Onerva Centre organize in service-training, continuing education and councellingfor professionals and short-term education and rehabilitation for children and young people. Production of professional materials as well as educational materials for children is available.

National Special Education Schools have boarding services and Support Services for Inclusive Education. Action and role are basedby the Law of National Education. To support Inclusive Education means Support for those who are studying in local schools in regular classrooms or special education schools/classesall over Finland.OnervaCentre  organize also Special School Education services andrehabilitation at Onerva Special School –unit by Supporting for pupils by organizing compulsory education at OnervaMäki school.

From Special School to Resource Centre training for teachersincludes:

·           Developing Resource Centers to The role of Special Schools in the process of inclusive education.

·           Modifying and reorganizing Special School tasks towards Resource centre Functions by using “Education for All” as a basis.

·           Building up a Support Service -system for Inclusive Education by Resource Centre

Service network and co-operation among Resource Centers, Inclusive Schools and health care, stakeholders and NGOs.